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Health officials with the Mecklenburg County (North Carolina) Health Department announced a March, 2012 Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak was linked to Dilworth-based Toast Cafe/Toast of Dilworth.

According to the health department:

They were making up hollandaise sauce without using a pasteurized egg. A pasteurized egg is one that has been treated so it is no longer potentially hazardous.

Once the sauce was mixed, it was allowed to sit at room temperature. We did not have proper refrigeration. We had pooling of eggs going on.

Health department investigators eventually reported at least 29 ill persons with 15 persons diagnosed with salmonellosis. The suspected food that caused the outbreak was hollandaise sauce prepared with unpasteurized eggs. Once the sauce was mixed, it was held at room temperature. Allowing pooled eggs to sit at room temperature is a critical food safety violation.

Marler Clark is representing multiple victims of this outbreak. On May 2, Salmonella attorneys filed one lawsuit on behalf of a Charlotte man whose Salmonella infection developed into reactive arthritis. The firm filed a second lawsuit on May 24. All claims being brought by Marler Clark are currently in suit.

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