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KFC Salmonella Outbreak Lawsuit

In 2002, the Boulder County Health Department (BCHD) investigated two confirmed Salmonella cases, and learned that both infected children had eaten food purchased from a KFC restaurant in Lafayette, Colorado, before becoming ill with symptoms of Salmonella infection. BCHD inspected the KFC restaurant, and found two points where cross-contamination could have occurred during food preparation in the restaurant. In addition, BCHD investigators cited the outlet for poor employee hygiene and failure to maintain food at proper hot-holding temperatures to prevent bacterial growth.

During the investigation, tests conducted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) indicated that the two children had acquired their Salmonella infections from a common source. The only source that both children had in common was the food they ate that was prepared at the KFC.

The Marler Clark law firm represented the family of one of the children, who became ill with Salmonella after eating at KFC and required surgeries due to complications from his Salmonella infection.

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