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In March of 2003, a Salmonella outbreak involving the Salmonella St. Paul strain occurred in Oregon and Washington, with a total of at least 9 lab confirmed cases. The investigations by both state health departments eventually linked the outbreak to contaminated alfalfa sprouts which had been shipped to and sold in both states by the sprout grower, Harmony Farms.

Marler Clark's Salmonella lawyers represented two of the victims, both of whom required emergency room treatment and subsequent medical care, and both cases were resolved in April, 2004.

A second Salmonella outbreak and recall of alfalfa sprouts, this time involving a Salmonella Chester strain, was announced by the state health agencies in Washington and Oregon in late November, 2003; 26 persons were lab-confirmed Salmonella cases eventually associated with the outbreak. The source of the second outbreak was again linked to a batch of contaminated alfalfa sprouts grown and distributed by Harmony Farms in both states.

Marler Clark represented 3 of the victims of the second outbreak, all of whom required medical attention and care. Those cases have since been resolved.


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More about the Harmony Farms Salmonella outbreaks can be found on the Marler Clark-sponsored site about Salmonella.

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